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Manual Operating Systems

*Hunter Douglas: Operate Window Coverings With Ease

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Operate Window Coverings With Ease

Hunter Douglas offers a number of different manual operation systems that are designed to address your needs, while adding value to your home. Options include Hunter Douglas LiteRise®, UltraGlide®, EasyRise™ and Vertiglide™.

The Hunter Douglas LiteRise® cordless system makes raising and lowering blinds and shades easier than ever. Simply push up to raise and pull down to lower. Your blinds and shades stay right where you put them.
The popular Hunter Douglas UltraGlide® operating system uses a retractable cord mechanism to raise and lower the window shade or shading.
The Hunter Douglas EasyRise™ system provides the mechanical advantage needed to raise and lower large window fashions.  A continuous loop, which works on the principle of a pulley, rotates a clutch to raise or lower the shade.
The Hunter Douglas Vertiglide™ vertical pleat window treatment system is the ideal choice for side-to-side openings, sliding glass doors or as a room divider.
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